A car bomb exploded late Tuesday in a neighborhood with nightclubs in southern Thailand, killing one person. The injured are more than 30.

The blast exploded outside a hotel in Pattani, one of three predominantly Muslim southern provinces affected by the continued opposition of the Buddhist majority in the country, informs AFP.

The local police commander reported that the hotel building is heavily damaged. TV channels showed flames on the street in front of the ruined facade of the hotel and police officers who searched the rubble.

Affected by the blast karaoke bars, massage parlors, and restaurants.

Pattani is not very popular among tourists, but according to experts, this outbreak is a signal sent by the Islamists after coordinated bomb attacks and arson in many resort towns on 11 and 12 August which killed four and injured 37, including Europeans.

The rebels in the southern regions generally attack police and symbols of state power, but sometimes targets are objects of entertainment.

The 90-pound bomb was hidden in a stolen ambulance and detonated shortly after a small explosive went off in a bar next door.


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