Police have defused a bomb found in a rubbish bin near the US embassy in the Philippines’ capital Manila, with officials blaming Islamic militants for what they called an attempted terrorist act.
Police said the bomb was similar to the device that killed at least 14 people when it exploded at a teaming night market in the southern city of Davao on Sept. 2, the Philippine Daily Inquirer reports.

Two explosions were heard as a bomb disposal unit detonated what Metropolitan Manila police chief Oscar Albayalde later described as an improvised explosive device. Street sweeper Winniefreda Francisco said she called police after finding a cellphone attached to a bottle-like cylinder wrapped in black tape, with wires connecting the cylinder to the phone.

The dzBB report said that according to Philippine National Police chief Director General Ronald de la Rosa, the Maute Group could have planted the IED.The IED was found by a street sweeper of the Department of Public Works and Highway in a trash can along the boulevard at past 7 a.m.

“This morning a municipal employee reported the discovery of a device to U.S. Embassy guards, who immediately contacted the police,” s

-aid Molly Koscina, press attaché and First Secretary of the U.S. Embassy,

“We are thankful that the municipal employee and the Philippine National Police took quick and appropriate action to ensure the safety of all,”

-Koscina added.

Authorities are now investigating who left the improvised explosive device.

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