In the area of Shamil in the Republic of Dagestan were killed two militants, who have opened fire on policemen, said a source in law enforcement, writes the newspaper “Vzglyad”.

At the request to submit personal documents, two men opened fire on the policemen and were liquidated in the defending shooting, the source said.

He noted that the identity of the militants was established. They are active members of a local extremist group. He said that in the extremists were found ammunition and weapons.

On August 14 in a firefight in Magaramkentski district of Dagestan was killed extremist opened fire on police.

Three militants, including a local leader of the group, were killed during the special operation in Dagestan on August 11.

On August 4, were detained four militants of the so-called Southern paramilitary group.
Previously, the leader Kamaldin Kazimagomedov involved in the Syrian conflict on the side of the terrorists was also liquidated in Dagestan.

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