At least 24 people were killed in two bomb explosions in the Afghan capital Kabul. 91 people were injured. The bombs have exploded near the Defense Ministry, authorities said, cited by BBC

The first bomb was detonated remotely while the second explosion was carried out by a suicide bomber.

An army general and two senior police officers were among those killed, clarified by the Defence Ministry. Among those killed, there were civilians as well.

Taliban, who carry out frequent attacks in Kabul, claimed responsibility for the bombings.

It’s clarified that the suicide bomber struck as the security forces went to the site of the first explosion near the Defense Ministry.

The bloodbath has happened at the time when employees of the department were leaving their workplace.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani condemned the attack, saying “the enemies of Afghanistan have lost their ability to fight the Security and Defense Forces of the country and thus attack highways, cities, mosques, schools and common people.”

The Taliban are trying to topple the US-backed government of Gani and frequently attack the security forces.

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