Turkish authorities have prevented from August 15 until now 229 terrorist acts organized by the Kurdistan Workers’ Party – PKK, including 39 attacks with car bombs and attacks by 19 suicide bombers, news agency Novosti, citing Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Nurettin Canikli.

During the period from August 15 to September 7 in the fight against PKK terrorists were prevented 229 attacks, including 155 with the use of bombs, 39 using explosives loaded cars and 19 attacks by suicide bombers. Seized had been 13.1 tons of explosives, said Canikli at a news conference in Ankara.

In Turkey, PKK has been declared a terrorist organization and its activity is forbidden. The established ceasefire between PKK and the Turkish government was broken in 2015. Since then, in clashes with Kurdish forces and attacks in the country, were killed 700 soldiers and policemen. The number of killed Kurds is over 6,000 .

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