Danish citizen of Bosnian origin sympathetic to the group Islamic State, died in the hospital after he engaged in a shootout with the police in Copenhagen , reported AFP.

The media identified him as Mesha Hodzic, born in Bosnia. The police suspect that he is connected to the Germany-based jihadist group Millatu Ibrahim and sympathetic to Islamic State, but says there is no evidence that this was the reason for the shooting.

Hodzic shot two policemen and a passerby in the neighborhood Christiania on Wednesday evening, then fled, but the police found him in an apartment in the suburbs on Thursday morning.

The 25-year-old Bosnian was severely wounded in the shootout with police officers while trying to escape. During the night he died at the National Hospital, the police are investigating the circumstances surrounding his death.

According to Danish television, he was caught with 50 kilograms of hashish and more than 1,000 joints. Police stated that he had been a frequent visitor to the famous Pusher Street, where are sold drugs.

On Friday residents of Christiania, founded by hippies in the 70s, began to destroy buildings occupied by hashish sellers, because they believe that their trade harms the security of the neighborhood.

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