Afghanistan mourns the victims of the deadly truck bomb attack in the capital Kabul that took the life of at least 90 and wounded more than 450 people. Several foreign embassies were in the vicinity of the explosion and some were badly affected.

The bomber drove a massive truck into the guarded diplomatic quarter of Kabul during the morning rush and detonated it. Most of the casualties were civilians, including many children and women. Among the dead are also Afghan security guards. The initial information of the attack included much lower number of victims but the death toll continued rising throughout Wednesday.

So far no group has claimed responsibility of the attack. Afghanistan’s spy agency, however, blamed the insurgent group Haqqani network and neighbouring Pakistan.

“The plan for [Wednesday’s] attack was drawn up by the Haqqani network with direct coordination and cooperation from Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence,” the National Directorate of Security said in a statement late Wednesday.

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