Еarlier today unconfirmed reports of heard gunfire frightened hundreds of passengers, who rushed to leave the airport building at the international airport in Los Angeles. Some went out on track. The police said they had not found a shooter and there was no shooting, reported AP.

Panic broke out just because of loud noises. It is being investigated what was the source, said Andy Neiman, a spokesman for the LAPD.

Earlier for security reasons the police closed a part of the airport and stopped the traffic to the central terminal.

Once it became clear that there was no shooting, people began to return to the airport, which started normalizing its work

This was another false alarm, at this very busy airport. In at least two terminals, passengers were evacuated on their own initiative, and the security checked for suspicious objects, reported Reuters.

Federal Office of Civil Aviation announced on its website that landings in Los Angeles are carried out late and recommended passengers to refer to the airport at departure.

The security at US airports is at increased concern after bloody attacks at international airports in Belgium and Turkey.

Two months ago the police temporarily evacuated a terminal at the JFK International Airport in New York because of signs of gunfire. During the check was not found any suspicious activity.

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