Strong explosion caused serious damage to the Institute of Criminology in Brussels, reported the authorities in the city.

According to the prosecution and the fire department of the Belgian capital, there were no casualties.

So far it is not known what caused the blast, but according to the spokesman of fire department Pierre Meys, “it was probably not accidental.” According to local media, a car rammed through the barriers of the Institute of Criminology and exploded near the laboratories which caught fire.

“The explosion was extremely powerful,” noted Meys. “Windows of the lab were blown out dozens of metres away,” he added.

According to him, about 30 firefighters fought the firestorm caused by the blast, which occurred around 3:00am (0100 GMT).

The Institute of Criminology is part of the federal judiciary in Belgium. It carries out scientific analyses related to crimes and studies the functioning of the criminal justice system.

The blast comes after in March terrorists detonated explosives at the international airport in Brussels and one of the subway stations in the city. In the attacks have died 32 people.


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