In Canada was averted a terrorist act, reported CBS.

24-year-old Canadian was killed in a small town in the province of Ontario after earlier the police announced that there is a signal of a potential terrorist threat.

The man was shot while preparing to activate an explosive device – that told a member of his family to the TV network CBC, citing information the police gave them.

“A suspect was identified and the proper course of action has been taken to ensure that there is no danger to the public’s safety,” said a spokesman for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, without giving any further details.

Police announced that it had received credible information about a potential terrorist threat.

According to unofficial information, the purpose of the terrorist act was in Ontario. According to plan the suspect had to blow homemade bomb at a busy location.

According to sources of Reuters, the killed suspected terrorist’s name is Aaron Driver and he was using pseudonym Harun Abdurahman. He lived in the small municipality Strathroy, about 225 kilometers southwest of Toronto.

A witness told Reuters that the police surrounded а house late in the afternoon yesterday in Strathroy, and then was heard an explosion.

Driver was known of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service after the attacks in 2014 committed by young jihadists in Quebec and the federal capital of Ottawa, writes AFP. After the attacks, the government adopted an anti-terrorism law giving more powers to the intelligence and police, including to prevent the departure of young Canadians to Syria to join Daesh.

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