Turkish security forces have detained three jihadists of the terrorist group Islamic State, who planned to carry out a major attack.

This happened within а specialized police operation in the city of Gaziantep, where two weeks ago jihadists carried out a bloody suicide bombing at a wedding. Then 54 people died and dozens were injured.

The detainees for belonging to the Islamic State are three people. Two of them are on the list of the Turkish police of persons wanted for terrorism.

After the search, the police seized 20 kilograms of explosives, vests for self-destruction, 3 hand grenades, and one gun.

Among those arrested is the wife of one of the terrorists, Gamze Durmaz. She is the sister of the terrorist Yunus Durmaz that carried out a suicide attack on May 19 in Gaziantep.

Gaziantep authorities reported that Gamze Durmaz was monitored by the police because of her brother. The other detained during the operation Talha Gunes was known to security services as a chemist bomber involved in the preparation of explosives and organizing attacks in the city and elsewhere.

According to their statements given to the investigation, they had been preparing a spectacular attack that would have shocked the world.

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