Greek ex-Prime Minister Lucas Papademos was wounded by a bomb that exploded into his car in central Athens on Thursday, May 25 reportedThe Telegraph.

69-year-old Papademos was a Prime Minister from November 2011 till May 2012 during an interim coalition government in the peak of Greece’s fiscal crisis. He is also a former Bank of Greece Governor.

According to local media Papademos opened a letter in the backseat of the car and the explosives it contained detonated. Police did not confirm immediately that it was a parcel bomb.

State news agency ANA reported that Papademos is undergoing surgery for abdominal and leg injuries, he also had trouble breathing but his life is out of danger. His driver and two other bank employees were also injured by the blast.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, who is attending a NATO summit in Brussels, was informed of the accident. In a Twitter post he condemned the violence and wished Papademos a “speedy recovery”.

Media Minister Nikos Pappas said:

“We are all in shock following this action. We condemn this appalling action without reservation and with all our heart wish Mr. Papademos the best.”

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