Sherlock is a popular BBC series and has been loved by crime series fanatics worldwide. The success of the series paved the way for 3 more seasons which have been a significant hit. When Season 4 ended in 2017, fans have been asking if there is Season 5.

When Season 4 ended 3 years ago, fans of this BBC series have been eagerly waiting for a new season. Following the success of Sherlock, everyone is hoping for Season 5.  If you are one of the fans, then here’s what you need to know about Sherlock Season 5.

Will there be a Sherlock Season 5?

There is no official statement yet for a new season of Sherlock. Fans have yet to wait for official communication if producers will start filming. But with the ongoing COVID19 pandemic, fans cannot expect for a new show this year or in 2021. There have been no updates about the renewal or release date of a new season. But hopefully a new season will arrive in 2022 or the next few years.

Sherlock Season 5 Casts

Martin Freeman andBenedict Cumberbatch were the lead roles in the series and hopefully will return as the main characters.

If you can recall, during the last series, Sherlock’s sister (played by Sian Brooke) who Sherlock cannot recall of was featured. And according to Brooke during an interview with, she would love to come back as Eurus Holmes in the series.

Sherlock will not be the same without Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. There may be new faces in the next season, but Holmes will still be on a crime run together with Watson. So, the next series most probably will still be about the 2 lead characters and Eurus Holmes.

What to expect in Sherlock Season 5

Since there is no official statement yet, fans can only speculate on what to expect in the next series. Sherlock viewers can only hope for the next series to just carry on based on how the last season ended.

We are halfway through 2020 and no update and no trailer have been released since Sherlock Season 4 ended. Fans’ excitement has been hindered due to the COVID19 pandemic; no shooting will happen anytime soon. For now, just take advantage of the opportunity to stay home and binge watch on the previous seasons. Hopefully Sherlock fans will get the most awaited update in 2021.

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