The release of Dark Souls 3 might have been the last for the franchise. But that should not conclude the hopes of fans looking forward to a fourth installment.

This is because From Software is currently busy with Elden Ring. Unfortunately, fans may not like it without an update for an upcoming Dark Souls 4. Perhaps the developers are cooking something else entirely.

Is This The End Of The Franchise?

The bad news is that development for Dark Souls has stopped momentarily to give way for a new game according to game director Hidetaka Miyazaki. The good news, on the other hand, is that Miyazaki already hinted in the past that fans will be seeing more of its haunting universe. So this means that there is development towards that end.

In fact, he stated that Dark Souls 3 is not the final product yet for the series. This might however be a turning point for the Dark Souls franchise though. From Software developers even admitted that they are not done with the franchise just yet.

That said, they are focused on the Elden Ring and nobody has hinted yet on what next to come.

Dark Souls 4 Plot

Based on the comment made by Miyazaki, there is a huge possibility that it will be a follow up to the Dark Souls 3. Since the 3 main releases are quite similar to each other at face value, Dark Souls 4 might not be that different.

Others hinted that this can only be determined by 2 crucial features, such as the metaphysically apocalyptic Age of Dark or a science fiction Dark Souls game. The question however is whether or not a sci-fi game be as oppressive and grim as it would make sense for Dark Souls.

Chances For A Dark Souls Release In 2020

There is no clear basis if there will ever be a Dark Souls 4 released this year. Perhaps there is a pending announcement but still vague as of the moment. Since From Software is quick to finish a project before jumping to the next, the possibility of hearing an announcement for the release of the Dark Souls 4 game might be years away.

That said, fans can expect the release of Bloodborne 2 before a Dark Souls title could be established. The reason perhaps is that the developers at From Software would like to focus on projects not tightly related to the flagship franchise.

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