The Islamic State’s military chief for Mosul has been killed by a US airstrike, according to reports.

A US fighter jet reportedly fired at a BMW vehicle carrying Mohamed Ali Mohamed, alias Henadi Abu Shawarib, who served for ISIS in south Mosul. Three other jihadists were killed along with Mohammed by the strike which took place on the outskirts of the northern Iraq city on Sunday, according to local outlet Sharaq.

The attack deals yet another major blow to the depraved death cult, which is rapidly losing its stronghold in Syria and Iraq.The US army claims that it has killed a further 13 ISIS leaders during the last month, as part of its campaign to liberate the northern Iraq city of Mosul from the grip of jihadists.

Since the start of this year, US-led airstrikes have been steadily undermining the savage terror group’s stronghold of the city, which is the second-largest in Iraq.

Security analyst Firas Abi Ali said:

“The Islamic State is close to a military defeat. It’s probably not going to happen in 2016 but they will probably have been defeated by late 2017.”

The US also announced last week that it is deploying an additional 600 soldiers to Mosul in a bid to wipe out Daesh. ISIS first occupied Mosul in 2014, and has subjected local people to a reign of terror, but the US is on a mission to retake the city and return it to Iraqi authorities by the end of the year.

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