North Korea claims that it is the victim of state-sponsored terrorism coming from the White House. The claim goes on stating that there was a CIA-backed plot to assassinate its leader Kim Jong Un.

The claims were made at the same time when North Korea announced that two American university instructors were arrested for unspecified hostile acts against the country. It is not clear whether the arrests are related to the terrorism plot.

North Korean news reports say a “Korean-style anti-terrorist attack” will begin immediately.

A state-run media announced Sunday that an ethnic Korean man with U.S. citizenship was “intercepted” two days ago by authorities. He was identified as Kim Hak Song, an employee of the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology. Prior to that the media the detention of an accounting instructor at the same university, Kim Sang Dok, also a U.S. citizen, for “acts of hostility aimed to overturn” the country. Pyongyang University of Science and Technology is the only privately funded university in North Korea with a large number of foreign teachers, many of them Americans.

The arrest of the two university instructors increases the number of American citizens held in custody in North Korea to four.

“Obviously this is concerning,” White House spokesman Sean Spicer told reporters Monday. “We are well-aware of it, and we are going to work through the embassy of Sweden … through our State Department to seek the release of the individuals there. ( ”

Sweden handles U.S. consular affairs in North Korea, including those of American detainees.

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