Explosion rocked the famous Turkish resort of Antalya today and injured ten people. The blast occurred inside a car in the car parking in front of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in southern Turkey. The wounded people sustained only light injuries from broken glasses from the cars and nearby buildings, but the cause of explosion is yet unclear. Several ambulances and emergency teams arrived at the scene of the accident and transported the injured people to the local hospital. Fortunately, there were no casualties and no serious injuries.

The local authorities do not exclude that blast might happen by accident and might not be a terrorism act. The investigation is under way and the area was sealed off.

“Тhere were no casualties in the explosion”, said the Chamber of Trade and Industry head in Antalya, Davut Cetin. “The incident might have been caused by the explosion of a vehicle with an LPG system”, added he.

The explosion caused damages of four other vehicles and some nearby buildings.

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