Attorney-General George Brandis has again rejected listing Hizbut Tahrir as a terrorist organization in Australia. The organization was founded in 1953 in Jerusalem and wants to unite all Muslim countries in an “Islamic Caliphate”.

Hizbut Tahrir Australia describes itself as a “political party” on its website and according to the Australian Security Intelligence Organization it does not fit the definition of a terrorist organization in the criminal code. Therefore, upon the advice of ASIO Attorney-General Brandis announced last week that Hizbut Tahrir will not be listed as a terrorist organization.

Before a group is listed the attorney-general must be satisfied on reasonable grounds that the organisation is “directly or indirectly engaged in preparing, planning, assisting or fostering the doing of a terrorist act, or advocates the doing of a terrorist act”.

Hizbut Tahrir was condemned in Indonesia since according to Indonesian security minister Wiranto it “clearly caused conflict in society” and threaten the integrity of his country. The hard-line Islamic group is banned as a terrorist group in Russia, the Netherlands and a number of Middle Eastern countries, and prohibited in Germany as an anti-Semitic group.

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