Three women were arrested in the French city of Boussy-Saint-Antoine during the investigation of the car with gas bottles found during the weekend near the “Notre Dame”.

A car without license plates was found with the emergency lights turned on in the middle of Paris’s tourist section. In it were found five gas cylinders and three bottles of diesel fuel, causing the police to suspect that a terrorist attack was being planned. However a detonator or other system of detonating the bottles of fuel was not detected. This caused an anonymous police source to state that:

“If this was a planned attack, the method was to be used is very strange.”

One of the arrested women was the daughter of the owner of the car. She was shot during detention by agents from the french Intelligence Department. Another of the arrested women wounded a policeman using an arme blanche (cold weapon).  The three women were aged 39, 23 and 19 years.

According to Bernar Cazeneuve, France’s Minister of Home Affairs:

“They were “radicalized, fanatical” and preparing “new violence, which should be carried out in the near time”.”

As part of the same investigation were arrested four other people – two brothers of aged 26 and 34 years as well as their their girlfriends.


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