On Tuesday, just one day after the bombing attack on St. Petersburg metro, two traffic policemen were killed by suspected Daesh terrorists in the southern Russian city of Astrakhan. Four men were wanted for the attack and in the early hours of Thursday the Russian National Guard eliminated two of them.

In a statement in front of the Russian media a representative of the National Guard confirmed that

“One of the suspects in the murder of policemen in Astrakhan was eliminated during an attack on a National Guard post, another died after an injury to his back, two others were located and eliminated. All of them were wanted in the case of the murder of police officers. There have been no casualties among National Guard servicemen.”

The Russian Guard officers came under fire when they tried to stop a moving vehicle to check the documentation of the passengers. Three officers were wounded and one is in serious condition.

Astrakhan region governor Alexander Zhilkin wrote in his Twitter account on Thursday to confirm the operation is over.

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