For the first time in nearly three years, the Syrian Arab army took full control of the Sadkop Fuel Depots, ending the permanent presence of jihadists from the coalition Jaish al-Fatah (Army of Conquest) in the strategic point in Southern Aleppo, transmits Al Masdar News.

Led by Tiger forces of the Syrian Arab army over the past few days, government forces managed to penetrate the defenses of Jaish al-Fatah in the key area Al-Ramusa, laying the groundwork for eventual progress to the depot.

Unlike the battle for the Al-Ramusa area, the battle for the Sadkop depot was relatively quick, surprising observers who expected Jaish al-Fatah to retain control over the strategic point.

Placing the fuel depot under control, the Syrian forces will likely turn their attention to the southern sector of the 1070 housing project and the Al-Hikma school.

If the aforementioned locations are captured by the Syrian army in Southern Aleppo, they will have turned all the recent acquisitions of the jihadists and have tight control over supply routes to East and West Aleppo.

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