Three foreigners and one Malaysian have been arrested between Aug 2 and Sept 17 for their alleged involvement in multiple terrorist groups, including the Islamic State (IS) according to the Malaysian Police.

One suspect, a 37-year-old Bangladeshi man, was arrested on Aug 19 for smuggling weapons for an unnamed international terrorist group, according a statement issued by the police. The man’s name was also on the Interpol’s Red Notice. Another suspect, a 38-year-old Nepalese man, was accused of falsifying documents to facilitate the travels of terrorists.

The third suspect, a 26-year-old Moroccan man, was suspected to be a member of the IS. He once got arrested by Turkish authorities for trying to enter Syria. After that, he somehow managed to illegally enter Malaysia. All the three suspects have been deported to their home countries, said the statement.

The local suspect is detained for links with Mohamad Wanndy Mohamad Jedi, the man believed to be the mastermind of Malaysia’s first IS-linked attack in June. He was found to promote IS propaganda and ideologies through his Facebook page.

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