Two police officers were stabbed in terrorist incident in Schaerbeek district in Brussels, Belgium. The attacker, called Hicham D, was 43 years old man of Belgian nationality, but the reason for the incident is under investigation. One of the policemen was stabbed in the neck, while another one was stabbed in the stomach. The third police officer, who arrived at the scene has broken nose. The attacker was shot in the leg and transported to the hospital. He will be arrested and and judged for terrorism. The three police officers were also hospitalized for treatment.

“We have reason to believe that the incident was a terrorist attack”, said the spokesman of Belgian federal prosecutor’s office, Eric Van Der Sypt. “Fortunately, none of the injured police officers suffered life-threatening injuries”, added he.

The attack happened near a main road in a region Schaerbeek, which was linked to previous terrorist attacks. The attacker is ex Belgian army officer until 2009, but later established relations and links with jihadists and traveled to Syria several times. He is currently investigated by the police.

The attack against the police officers happened just a few hours after commuters were evacuated from Brussels Nord station over a bomb scare.

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