In an interview on the Vietnam War, Republican Senator John McCain appeared to mock President Donald Trump by criticizing “high-income” people who avoided being recruited by seeking a doctor who “said they had a bone spur “.

Trump, who went to a private military academy in New York during his youth, received five deferral of recruitment during the Vietnam War, including one for medical reasons after being diagnosed with bony spurs in his foot.

McCain and Trump have held a showdown since the president used a campaign rally in 2016 to ridicule the Republican senator, saying he was not a war hero because he was captured during Vietnam.

Trump did not want to apologize and the confrontation has continued, to the point that McCain is one of the President’s most ferocious Republican critics on Capitol Hill.

“One aspect of the conflict, of course, that I will never tolerate is that we call the lower-income people of the United States while the higher-income people find a doctor who says they have bony spurs,” McCain told C- SPAN3, in an interview about the Vietnam War. “That’s wrong.That’s wrong.If we’re going to ask all Americans to serve, all Americans should serve.”

McCain never mentions Trump by name, but it is a known fact that the president received an extension for a bone spur and that his family was wealthy at the time.

Trump told The New York Times in 2016 that a doctor “gave him a letter, a very strong letter, on his heels.”

“Over time it was cured,” he said.

In a 2015 biography, Trump told Michael D’Antonio that bone spurs “were not a big problem, but a sufficient problem.”

McCain spent five years as a prisoner of war during the Vietnam War, and refused to be released despite being the son of an admiral.

  1. Haaaaaa the songbird speaks hey McCain let’s talk about the 150 sailors you killed with your hotdog jet take off crash.
    You gutless motherfucker talk about the propaganda movies you made with the north Vietnam.
    Hurry up and die you are a fucking embarrassment acting the role of a hero. Fucking traitor!

  2. And who the fuck cares he’s still the president and McCain is not a hero he got out of it the easy way by puting the finger on he’s comrades now who’s the looser here

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