Many people who have watched the movie batman are now curious to know about The Batman After Credit Scene Explained 2022. The ending of the movie has left a lot of questions in the mind of the fans and to find out the answers to their queries they are searching all over the internet. If you are also in the search of the same topic then don’t worry now you have reached the right place.

In this article, we will try to provide every possible information related to The Batman After Credit Scene Explained 2022. So just read this article till the end because here you will find all the details.

The Batman After Credit Scene Explained 2022: All You need To Know

Batman 2022 is an American superhero movie and this movie is based on the character of DC comics name batman. When earlier fans came to know that John Affleck will no longer play the character of Batman everyone was quite sad to hear this but the creators of the movie have some other plans they revive its movie with Robert. This movie has been written and directed by Matt Reeves.

The Batman After Credit Scene Explained

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The plot of this movie will revolve around the slaying case of Gotham City mayor Don Mitchell Jr. This murder was done by a serial killer and he use to call himself a Riddler. After that crime drama billionaire Bruce Wayne who is batman started the investigation of this case along with the police department.

After committing that crime riddler left a message for batman but the commissioner Pete Savage ask batman to stay away from that matter and then riddler killed savage and again he leave a message for Batman. So it will be more exciting to see How batman is going to tackle Riddler.

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The Batman After Credit Scene

Finally in this paragraph, we are going to tell you about The Batman After Credit Scene. The post-credit scene, in the end, saw a question appearing on the screen after a few times “Good Bye” texts appeared on the screen. After that, a quick flash of the green scene appears on the screen and at that time fans and many people were unable to understand what is written on it but after seeing it clearly in the recording it is clear that it is just a name of a website The word Rataalada refers to the word El Rata Alada and in Spanish, this word means “the winged rat”. So as you can see that this is one of those clues which Riddler left for Bruce in the movie.

The Batman After Credit Scene

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OTT Release Of Batman

It is officially confirmed that on 19 April 2022 it will release on HBO Max so those people who always love to watch their favourite series and movies online will be able to stream it from the given date.


In this article, we almost tried to provide every possible detail related to The Batman After Credit Scene Explained. Above in the article, you can find information about the post-credit scene of the movie, When it will be available on the OTT platform and some details about the movie. All the information which we share here is from official sources. we hope that all your queries are solved now.

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