Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Health Update Today: Justice Thomas has been hospitalized as he has got an infection, so what’s the update on his health? Is Justice Clarence Thomas fine?

Below, find out the detailed information on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Health Update Today 2022. Have a look.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Health Update Today 2022

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Health Update Today 2022

Supreme Court Justice, Clarence has been hospitalized due to an infection. He is 73 years old now, and he was hospitalized on Friday. Further, it is expected to be out of the hospital in the next few days, according to the Supreme Court.

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Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Health Update Today 2022: Why Justice Clarence is Hospitalised?

According to reports and the supreme court, Justice Thomas has been admitted to the Sibley Memorial Hospital which is located in Washington, D.C. He was hospitalized on Friday after the infection became severe.

When it comes to the medical tests and reports, he has is experiencing flu-like symptoms. However, there is no detailed information on the flu. The Supreme court has not explained what type of flu it is, and how much time it will take to cure.

In a statement, the Supreme court said that “Justice Thomas is under medical supervision and he is going through some medical tests. After he is diagnosed with the infection, he is being treated with compatible antibiotics. Further, when it comes to his symptoms, then we cannot say more about that as of now.

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Moreover, he is resting as of now, and will soon overcome the infection. He will be released from the hospital within 2-3 days”, as per the court statement given on Sunday.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Health Update: The Cases

When it comes to the pending cases that Justice Thomas has to proceed with, will not remain pending. Instead, they will be transferred to a new Judge in his absence.

Justice Clarence Thomas is involved in a lot of cases and he is more concerned about the cases than his health. However, according to the Supreme court, it is not advisable to work in such conditions. He will have to follow the doctor’s instructions and had to have complete bed rest and get fit before joining the court again.

Justice Thomas has been serving in the court for a long time now, and he is one of the most respected senior judges in the Supreme court. Further, he has served for more than 30 years now, and it is more than any other current supreme court judge.

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According to another statement from the Supreme court, the Supreme Court judge, Thomas will like to participate in the cases with the help of different techniques.

Such as briefs, transcripts, and audio arguments, he will take the help of this all. The supreme case has explained that Justice Thomas has a total of 4 cases pending this week, and as a court representative, he will not be pressurized for any of the case judgments. For more information, we will keep you posted.

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