A Cargo Ship carrying luxury cars sinks into the ocean after catching fire. The Cargo Ship was carrying around 4,000 brand-new vehicles which were made in Germany. The ship was carrying the vehicles from Germany to the USA and then this tragic incident happened. Below, we have covered complete details on Cargo Ship Carrying Luxury Cars Sinks, Name of Cars, Location, Total Loss. Have a look.

Cargo Ship Carrying Luxury Cars Sinks

Cargo Ship Carrying Luxury Cars Sinks

A cargo ship carrying nearly 4,000 luxury cars through the Mersey Estuary has sunk. Four crew members have been rescued and a major operation continues to locate one missing worker.

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Liverpool Coastguard rushed to the scene at about 1600 BST on Thursday. The vessel is owned by car transporters Höegh Autoliners, based in Norway, and was reportedly heading to Germany. A Höegh spokesman said four people were transferred from the vessel by an RAF helicopter after they had been taken off the vessel’s bridge by lifeboat crews.

He confirmed five people are believed to have been on board at the time, but one person is still missing. The Maritime and Coastguard Agency said a search and rescue operation involving helicopters and lifeboats was continuing. It said it could not confirm reports that the vessel had unloaded its cargo before sinking, however all of those onboard were understood to be in life rafts.

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What actually happened?

Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, between England and Nova Scotia, lies the wreckage of the Hoegh Osaka. It’s a cargo ship that was carrying about 4,000 Volkswagen Group vehicles from Germany to the US when it ran aground off an island in the English Channel.

The crew of 22 abandoned the ship at around 9 p.m. Saturday as it began taking on water. All were rescued safely by wait boats and lifeboats.

Cargo Ship Carrying Luxury Cars Sinks: Name of Cars

When it comes to the name of the cars, then there has been no information yet. However, you can expect an update soon. But as per the reports and news, the Cargo contained some special supercars like Bentley, Audi, Lamborghini, and Porsches.

All cars were made by the German company, Volkswagen and were getting transported from Germany to the US while the incident took place.

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The cargo contains some really special and expensive cargo, so when it comes to the names we are going to update them here at the earliest possible.

The company is concerned about their loss, however, the authorities are concerned about the thousands of tons of fuel carried onboard on the cargo could leak and can pollute the ocean badly.

Cargo Ship Carrying Luxury Cars Sinks: Location

The Cargo Ship carrying luxury cars sinks at Azores Islands. The cargo has sunk off in a 3500-meter deep Atlantic ocean and recovering the cars from there won’t be easy or we can say that it is impossible to take out the burned cars from the ocean.

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Cargo Ship Carrying Luxury Cars Sinks: Total Loss Reported

When it comes to the total loss report, then it is around $401 and there is around $295 worth of cars on the Cargo. However, the loss can increase as the authorities can impose a fine on the company for polluting the ocean. But the chances of imposing a fine are less because it was an accident.

So this was all about Cargo Ship Carrying Luxury Cars Sinks, Name of Cars, Location, Total Loss. Hopefully, you will like our approach.

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