Everything You Need to Know about Saving Internet Bills

The average monthly cost of the internet in Australian households is around $80. The rates may vary based on your location and your internet usage requirements. Most households in Australia are connected to the NBN. If you are looking for a budget-friendly plan for your residential internet compare plans provided by different providers in your location using a plan comparison website.

There are different speed tiers that users can choose from. Assess your usage requirements in detail before finalising an internet plan. If you think your internet bills are high, you can take a few steps to lower them. Use plan comparison websites to find cheaper plans if your current internet plan is too expensive for you.

Understand Your Data Requirements
You may not benefit significantly from high-speed, unlimited data plans if your primary internet usage requirements are limited to simple web browsing, email, and occasional video streaming. Conversely, if you have a career or follow a lifestyle that requires you to use the internet extensively, it’s best to use an unlimited internet plan.

For example, if you design or test video games for a living or run your video streaming channel, you will need the infrastructure for high-quality graphic video streaming, uploading, and other similar actions. Low-speed internet plans can cause your frustration levels to shoot through the roof in these cases.

The number of people using the internet plan is another vital point to consider. For example, the monthly usage requirements of a household with five members will most likely be higher than a household with just two people.

Speed-Tier Requirements

Plans with “standard-plus” speeds are more expensive than plans with lower internet speeds. Organisations like NBN have been leveraging wholesale internet pricing policies to make internet plans more affordable to customers.

Most internet providers also offer discounts and rewards to customers. However, just because wholesale prices drop, it doesn’t mean your internet bill will go down. Understand your speed tier requirements to choose a plan that gives you the optimal speed you need for your daily usage requirements.

To find high-speed plans for the internet, compare the speed tiers offered by different providers in your location. If you don’t need ultra-high speeds, there are several options to choose from.

Discounts and Rewards

All internet providers offer discounts and benefits to customers. However, the nature of these discounts and the conditions you must fulfil to get those discounts may differ.

For instance, some companies offer bundling discounts to customers who are willing to buy both energy plans and internet plans from them. Similarly, companies also offer rewards and benefits for high usage.

Other Steps

There are other strategic steps you can take to minimise your internet usage. For example, watching YouTube, Netflix, or other videos at lower video quality levels is an excellent way to lower your internet usage.

However, most internet plans have a fixed base rate, and you will have to pay this rate regardless of whether you consume your allotted data limit or not. You can also check if you have the option to “Bring Your Own” modem to lower your internet bill.

Wrapping Up
Speak to your present internet service provider to find out if the company offers any discounts or additional benefits.

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