Viewers of the South Korean series Boys Over Flowers (the Chinese or Taiwanese) Meteor Garden, or the original, Japanese Hana Yori Dango will be thrilled to discover that a new take on the classic story will be available on Thai streaming networks. Yes, we are talking about F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers.

Now we have come so far that F4 Thailand Episode 7 is going to be released. And probably you are also one of the fans who want to know the F4 Thailand Episode 7 Release Date.

So, here we are with F4 Thailand Episode 7 Release Date and its related topics all covered in this article.

F4 Thailand Episode 7 Release Date
F4 Thailand Episode 7 Release Date

F4 Thailand Episode 7 Release Date

F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers will return to a weekly schedule on February 5, 2022, with Episode 7 premiering at 8.30 pm (Bangkok Time) – 8.30 am (ET) and 1.30 pm (PT) (GMT). English subtitles will be available for the simultaneous international broadcast on YouTube, allowing you to watch with Thai fans. F4 Thailand Episode 7 Release Date is February 5, 2022.

On December 18, 2021, at 8:30 p.m. ICT, it premiered on the GMM25 channel. Fans have already flocked to see the first episode of the Thai series. There will be 16 episodes in all, each lasting one hour and five minutes. The release date for F4 Thailand Episode 6 is January 22, 2022.

For the time being, below is the upcoming F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers episode schedule for Boys Over Flowers, organised by time slot:

F4 Thailand Episode no. Release Date of upcoming episode
7 5 February 2022
8 12 February 2022
9 19 February 2022
10 26 February 2022
11 5 March 2022
12 12 March 2022
13 19 March 2022
14 26 March 2022
15 2 April 2022
16 9 April 2022

 F4 Thailand Episode 7 Watch Online UK, Australia, India

This new series will air on GMM 25 on Saturdays for 16 episodes. It will be broadcast simultaneously throughout the world on GMMTV’s official YouTube website and on the streaming site Viu.

After F4 Thailand Episode 7 Release Date is February 5 2022, you may view it.

F4 Thailand Episode 7 English Dubbing

‘F4 Thailand,’ featuring Bright Vachirawit, Win Metawin, Dew, Tu Tontawan and Hirunkit Changkham, has earned a fantastic review as well as a worldwide audience. So far, nearly a million people have seen every episode of the show.

The drama presently has an IMDb rating of 9.1 and an 8.4 on My Drama List.

And it’s available all across the world in English Dub. So go ahead and watch F4 Thailand Episode 7 Release Date is on February 5 2022.

F4 Thailand story in short

Read zeb veriesF4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers is a remake of the famous tale of a normal girl whose brain throws her in a rich school where the charismatic and strong leader of the school’s most notorious bully group, F4, attacks her with cruel pranks. Her peaceful and serene life will be turned upside down for the rest of her life, and she may have fallen in love with him.

The series was first announced on GMMTV’s “New & Next” event on October 15, 2019, produced by Patha Thongpan and co-produced by GMMTV & Parbdee Taweesuk. In September 2020, a teaser clip announced the actors, then on December 3, 2020, a false trailer was released.

F4 Thailand Episode 7 Release Date is February 5 2022

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F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers’ Music

The opening theme music for F4 Thailand, “Who am I,” was announced on December 16, 2021. Chivaaree, Opas-iamkajorn, Sutivanichsak, and Changkham sang the song, and Tantivejakul starred in the music video. On December 27, the series’ last theme, “Shooting Star,” was released. On January 10, 2022, Sutivanichsak’s “In the Wind” was released. Gawin Caskey’s fourth single, “You Mean the World,” was released later that month, on January 24. For the series, three more original songs were written.

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