Stone Ocean, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and one of the biggest anime series on Netflix, has got its brand new episode. The Stone Ocean Episode 1 release date is now official. Below, find out more on Stone Ocean Episode 1 Release Date, Anime, Season 1 Promo, Plot.

Stone Ocean Episode 1 Release Date, Anime, Season 1 Promo, Plot

Stone Ocean Episode 1 Release Date and Time

Like its predecessors, the new season promises action-packed battles between super-powered Joestars and their mystical enemies. The first episode of the new season introduces several new antagonists to the lineup, including a young girl with immense spiritual power who is shackled by a mysterious organization and an egocentric psychic serial killer.

Though some viewers may find these early episodes a bit tame in terms of melodrama and even suspense, it’s clear that Stone Ocean will live up to fans’ expectations in terms of its visual strengths—especially with the series’ first-ever 3D fight scene.

To be fair, the first episode of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean is only the first step in the long journey ahead, but there’s plenty to enjoy this time around.

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The artwork impresses, with its primitive depiction of characters who stop in their tracks for fully animated moments when making a big entrance, and the dialogue is filled with anachronistic humor that’s been a hallmark of Araki’s work from the very beginning.

If you enjoyed earlier portions of this series then you should jump on board now. For everyone else, it’s worth checking out if you like anime at all. Just don’t expect it to be more than a weekly distraction.

Stone Ocean Episode 1 Release Date and Time: Watch Online

Today, we saw the release of one long-awaited anime and the beginning of another. Netflix premiered JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean (the second part of the sixth installment) this Wednesday, and JoJo’s fans are celebrating.

Following in the footsteps of January 2016’s Phantom Blood, Hirohiko Araki’s second adaptation will continue to use Netflix Japan in a unique way. The premiere episode streamed on December 1 at 2:00 pm, Japan time, which was 10:00 pm Pacific Standard time here in the U.S.

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Stone Ocean Episode 1 Release Date: Season 1 Promo and Plot

Yes, the season 1 promo has been released on the official YouTube channel of Netflix. There will be a total of 12 episodes in Stone Ocean. However, we will not get to see a dedicated trailer or promo for every episode.


Stone Ocean is the story of Dio Brando’s return to the JoJo timeline. He manipulates an army of zombies to take over Green Dolphin Street Jail and become Stands, using his own Stand to suppress the memories of anyone who may discover his return.

He is not entirely successful. It’s clear that he has spent a lot of time preparing for his return, and has far-reaching plans that serve as the primary catalyst for the events in Part 7.


Overall, Stone Ocean was a nice and calm way to wrap up the first part of the series. There are certainly some eye-popping elements to it, but if you’re expecting some sort of explosive assault on your senses, you may leave disappointed.

Despite that, Stone Ocean is worth a watch for any Jojo fan and there’s actually a little something for everyone… and if you’ve never seen the original series, this is your perfect chance to get into it!

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