Dopesick Episode 9 Release date has been confirmed, and the movie based upon Beth Macy’s book will soon be premiering on Hulu. Find out more details on Dopesick Episode 9 Release Date, Spoilers, Watch Online.

Dopesick Episode 9 Release Date, Spoilers, Watch Online Time UK, India, USA, Australia

Dopesick Episode 9 Release Date and Time in the USA

Dopesick episode 9 will not drop on Hulu as the series is finalized with episode 8 which will release on November 17, 2021, at 3:00 AM Eastern Time on Hulu. This timing is for the USA and timings for other countries is yet to be confirmed.

Based upon Beth Macy’s book, this Hulu original movie covers the enthralling story of America’s opioid epidemic. Dope is the ninth episode covering everything Oxycontin.

Developed by Danny Strong, with great photography, beautiful edition, strong characters, and a strong sense of raising awareness. This Hulu series sheds light on one of the worst corporate pharmaceutical scandals of our times. Clearly the most addictive drug in all of American history – also artificially created to be that way.

Dopesick Episode 9 Release Date and Spoilers

Dopesick Episode 9 ‘The People vs. Purdue Pharma’ is the final instalment in the series. The episode focuses on the rally against Purdue Pharma organized by Dr Art Van Zee. Finnix is still looking for a means to obtain his medical license restored.

Finnix runs across one of his previous patients, Elizabeth, and offers to help her seek addiction treatment. Billy is summoned to the Purdue sales office for questioning about the stolen recordings. Once again, Billy refuses to acknowledge that he stole the videos and this time his contract with Purdue Pharma is terminated.

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In short, in episode nine of Dopesick, Finnix learns from his former patient, Elizabeth, that her suicidal husband took his life on a night when he was dosed with Oxycontin. Billy is interrogated by the Purdue sales team and fired for stealing the video recordings of the meeting with Dr Van Zee.

Dopesick explores how addiction forms, takes hold and refuses to let go. In the season finale, Brownlee leads the fight against Purdue attorneys and they discuss Udell, Friedman, and Goldenheim’s involvement in the case.

Prosecutors believe that the three gave fraudulent testimony. The Purdue attorneys reject to resolve the felony accusations but offer a deal to end the case. Nevertheless, Brownlee is fighting back against the pharmaceutical business.

Mountcastle and Ramseyer are able to locate Billy’s previous boss via Billy’s former employer. The couple requests the recordings, but Billy insists that he did not take them and tells that they were damaged.

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Dopesick Episode 9: How to watch online?

If you want to watch Dopesick and other video content, then Hulu is your primary source.

Dopesick Ending Explained in Details

The conclusion, titled ‘The People vs. Purdue Pharma,’ is an epilogue of this story that shows the possibility of hope and recovery in the midst of an epidemic.

Finnix, a teenage junkie and local dealer, is called by Elizabeth to follow her to a small farming community where she tries to get clean from her addiction. Billy, after being fired from his job, is reunited with Mia and they run away together to London.

The final volume in the Dopesick trilogy shows how Purdue Pharma, the maker of OxyContin, has been allowed to evade criminal charges for its role in opioid addiction by taking advantage of a loophole in US law.

The People vs. Purdue Pharma reveals a system rigged against Americans who have been damaged by opioids and a prescription drug industry free to push addictive drugs on the public without regard for patient safety.

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