Recently the news is coming about Fox News Christmas Tree On Fire. Many people want to know the reason behind it after the viral video, they want to know what actually happened there. There are so many people who are spreading rumours and due to this, the people are getting the wrong information.

Below here you will find all the details regarding Fox News Christmas Tree On Fire, Video Reason Behind It, What Actually Happened? We will suggest going till the end of the article to find out the actual scenario.

Fox News Christmas Tree On Fire

Fox News Christmas Tree On Fire

One Wednesday an incident happened when the 50 foot long Christmas tree caught fire which was located outside of Fox News Headquarters in New York. There was a situation of panic nobody had any idea that how suddenly this fire take place. That tree was decorated for the upcoming Christmas day by the Network All American on Sunday. When the live broadcast was going on one of the anchors announced about the fire which took place in the Christmas tree.

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The name of the location at which this fire took place is Fox square which is in New York just outside of Fox Headquarters. The anchor who officially announced the incident when the live broadcast was going on is Shanon Bream. She announced that ” It appears that our giant Christmas tree there, Just a couple of minutes ago was completely engulfed in flames. This was her statement during the live broadcast.

After a few minutes, the live broadcast showed that the fire has been extinguished then, Ms Bream said that the fire seemed to have been put out. “But we’re going to monitor the situation to try to figure out what sparked this whole thing,” she added. So this was the complete situation out there during the fire that took place at Fox square.

Reason Behind This?

Officer watched Tamanaha as he tried to escape and currently he is in the custody of the police. later the fire has been extinguished but till then the green decorated Christmas tree has been turning into ashes. The police said that they found this man running from that place and now the enquiry is going on.

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The NYPD said the suspect who has been taken into custody was seen climbing that Christmas tree by the security guards of Fox News at around 00:14 a.m. on Wednesday before the fire caught. When the police officers arrived at the location, officers find out the male running from the location trying to escape and then he was taken into custody,” an NYPD spokesperson told Newsweek. The fire within the tree was extinguished without further injury or incident by responding to FDNY  teams. The male suspect was taken to the Midtown North Precinct where he will be enquired.

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So in this article, we just discussed all the facts regarding Fox News Christmas Tree On Fire, Video Reason Behind It, What Actually Happened? All the information that we provide here are from official sources, we don’t spread rumours with our readers.

Yet If you have any other questions in your mind regarding Fox News Christmas Tree On Fire, then you can ask us in the comments section we will get back to your question as soon as possible.

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