Many people search on the internet about Platinum End Episode 6 Release Date and every anime lover wants to know the real release date of this web series i.e. the end of episode 6. In Japanese, the word anime means animation, and anime of japan needs no introduction to anyone it is famous all over the world.

As usual, the internet is bombarded by bloggers’ articles some of them are misleading as well. So here we will provide you with every piece of information from official sources about the Platinum End Episode 6 Release date so that you can peacefully wait and enjoy your favourite web series.

Where to watch Platinum End Episode 6?

You can enjoy the Platinum End Episode 6 on Crunchyroll. I will recommend watching on only on its official platform so that you can enjoy this web series very well and in better quality. Tell us about its previous episodes in the comment section below and how the Platinum End Episode 6 is going to perform in the eye of viewers. Anime is being loved by everyone because of the minute and precise heart touching stories that anime character depicts.

Let’s know more about Platinum End Episode 6 

Platinum End Episode Release Date

Saki and Merai grew up together, and when Merai’s parents dead, he started getting ridiculed in school as Saki is a girl, She has no idea to deal with that. Once Merai tried to commit suicide in the presence of Saki to meet with Revel a good candidate. Despite the fact that Revel is an angel sent by God he is cunning.

The whole trio makes this Anime so special to watch. After long anticipation, we will be finally enjoying another series after Death Note Creators Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.

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It started getting published in Jump Square monthly magazines in November 2015 and ended in January 2021, An its Anime adoption was announced in December 2020.

Platinum End Episode 6  Release Date

Here is the most important moment for which you all are searching which is the Platinum End Episode 6 release date. The upcoming episode is going to release on Thursday, November 11, 2021, at 10:00 pm. Fans are going mad they can’t wait to watch the Platinum End Episode 6.

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If there will any other announcement regarding the show from its creators then we will inform you about that so, stay connected with our website.


After exploring the Platinum End Episode 6 release date, we might be interested to know the spoilers of this episode. You can go and check the website of official sources so that you can watch the trailer and get some spoilers. Few people don’t like spoilers because they don’t want to know the upcoming story by someone else.

They always prefer to watch on their own. Spoilers will help you to get the hint about the upcoming episode. We will give you an update here on our website as soon as possible about the spoilers of the Platinum End Episode 6. To know  more about that anime click here 


This article will be proved to be the last destination to know your answers regarding this one of utmost thrilling Anime Platinum End Episode 6 Release Date. Some facts about the show like it were started, and where you can watch this lovely anime.

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Still, if you have any other questions regarding Platinum End Episode 6 Release Date, let us know in the comments below, we will try to clear your every doubt. All information is real and from official sources. We don’t spread false information.

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