Japanese Anime is famous all over the world one of these famous anime is Mieruko Chan. Fans of this anime are eagerly want to know the Mieruko Chan Episode 7 release date. As usual, we all know that when any famous anime or web series is about to release its latest episodes, then the internet is full of false information which misleads readers.

So, here will provide each and every detail regarding this Mieruko Chan Episode 7 Release date latest episode, which may give some mental peace to you.

Where To Watch Mieruko Chan Episode 7?

In this modern world, OTT platforms are becoming a major source of attraction for watching Anime and web series online. The fans of this anime can watch Mieruko Chan Episode 7 officially on Funimation available in original dub with English subtitles.

For best quality, I will recommend you guys to watch only on the official platform. Tell us about the previous episodes that you guys liked or not. I will also suggest you all go and rate this anime on anime on IMDb. To go on its official website click here 

Let Us Know More About Mieruko Chan

Mieruko Chan Episode 7 Release Date

Mieruko Chan is a horror-comedy Japanese anime based on the manga and it is created by Tomoki Izumi. This anime was first released on October 3, 2021. In a very short period of time, this anime received a huge fan following. This is the reason why many fans are eagerly waiting for the upcoming episode, which is Mieruko Chan Episode 7.

In this anime, a girl can see monsters around her and the main thing is any other person except that girl can not see those ghosts. The girl’s name is Miko Yotsuya is a high school student, she always tried to ignore those things and live her daily life normally. So this is all about the short storyline of Mieruko Chan Episode 7 release date, I hope you guys liked it.

Mieruko Chan Release Date

We know that this paragraph has been always most favorite paragraph to readers. The Mieruko Chan  Episode 7  is going to release on 14 November 2021  on its official platform. Every Anime Lover is just waiting for that day so that they can enjoy one of most favourite anime. So this is your answer to the question Mieruko Chan Episode 7 release date.

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I will recommend you all guys to stay connected to our website so that if there any latest update comes from the creators of the show so you will be the first person to know it.

Mieruko Chan Episode 7 Spoilers

After exploring The Mieruko Chan Episode 7  Release Date, we might be interested to know the spoilers of this episode. You can go and check the website of official sources so that you can watch the trailer and get some spoilers. Few people don’t like spoilers because they don’t want to know the upcoming story by someone else.

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They always prefer to watch on their own. Spoilers will help you to get the hint about the upcoming episode. We will give you an update here on our website as soon as possible about the spoilers of the Mieruko Chan episode 7 release date.


In this article, I tried to cover every question that may be clicking in your mind like release date and time, Some facts about the show like it were started, and where you can watch this lovely anime. Still, if you have any other questions regarding Mieruko Chan Episode 7  Release Date, let us know in the comments below, we will try to clear your every doubt. All information is real and from official sources. We don’t spread false information.

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