The Drag Race Italia Episode 2 release date is set to drop soon, and we have already got you covered by getting all the details about Drag Race Italia Episode 2 Release Date | Ep 3-4 Schedule, Cast. Have a look.

Drag Race Italia Episode 2 Release Date | Ep 3-4 Schedule, Cast

Drag Race Italia Episode 2 Release Date

Thursday, November 18 is the premiere of Drag Race Italia, so plan to tune in! Episodes will premiere at 3:01 p.m. PT / 6:01 p.m. ET on WOW Presents Plus, so you have some time to figure out your time zone if you’re traveling.

What the show is about?

In Drag Race Italia you be the judge. The show’s host, Marco Maccarini, brings together supermodel drag queens from all over Italy to compete for a crown and a chance at stardom. Whether they come from the fashion world or just have a highly developed sense of style, these contestants have always preferred to let their actions do the talking. In Drag Race Italia, there’s no time for wicked words!

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There are drag queens, and then there are DRAG QUEENS. Drag Race Italia lets you witness this phenomenon first-hand. Meet the fierce 8 Italian drag queens, each with her own style. From their shows to their extravagant make-up, nothing can compare to the glamorous drag queens of Drag Race Italia.

In Drag Race Italy, the queens have it tough from the get-go. “Man or woman?” is a recurring theme throughout the first episode as the cast questions their opponent’s gender, and tears up at being compared to a drag queen by RuPaul himself.

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Drag Race Italia Episode 3 and 4

As of now, Drag Race Italia Episode 2 Release Date is the only officially confirmed date. However, when the release date of the next two episodes comes out, we will update it here on the page. So, keep visiting the page as it may be updated within a few days after Episode 2 airs on our screens.

Drag Race Italia Cast

Drag Race Italy is a four-part reality television series that focuses on the competition aspect of drag racing. What makes this show different from other drag racing shows that have been produced? The answer is simple. Unlike any other show about drag racing,

Drag Race Italy brings you close to the actual competition and makes you feel like you’re right there in the driver’s seat. You’ll experience what it’s like to be part of an NHRA sanctioned event and see firsthand what goes into preparing for the ultimate battle on the strip, all while taking in all the original sounds and sights of a full-blown race meet.

When it comes to the cast of this show, then it has Ava Hangar, Divinity, Elecktra Bionic, Enorma Jean, Farida Kant, Ivana Vamp, Le Riche, and Luquisha Lobamba.

Is Drag Race Italia available in English?

Drag Race Italia is the first time the show has ventured into Europe, but that’s not all that makes it unique. Like Drag Race Thailand, Drag Race France, and RuPaul’s Drag Race: The UK, Drag Race Italia has its own unique twist. This season, to the surprise of the judges and members of Team Pit Crew, three queens will be sent home each week until there are only nine left for the finale.

When it comes to the language, the show is all in Italian but to watch the show, you don’t need to speak or understand Italian as the show has Enligh subtitles.

So, this was all about Drag Race Italia Episode 2 Release Date | Ep 3-4 Schedule, Cast. Hopefully, you will like our approach.

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