Semantic Error Episode 2 Release Date: Jeosuri’s continuing manhwa, Semantic Error, is written by Jeosuri and drawn by Angy. Ridibooks is the publisher of this book. A four-episode anime adaptation has been published, with each episode lasting around three minutes.

Chu Sang Woo is a junior computer science major who places a high value on logic, rules, and a firm sense of right and wrong. He is obliged to work on a group project for the liberal arts as part of his university work, and the group must make a final presentation in order to pass the module. However, because the rest of the group – about whom he knows nothing – has opted to leave him to do all of the work alone, he chooses to delete their names from the presentation and create it in his own name.

But he had no idea that by doing so, he would be jeopardizing the academic future of a senior student called Jang Jae Young. Chu Sang Woo’s polar opposite is the latter, a design major. He is fashionable, outgoing, and, above all, extremely well-liked. He’s the college’s closest thing to a superstar! His lofty ambitions to study abroad are abruptly put up in the air when his credit for the project of the liberal arts is taken away. He is on the lookout for Chu Sang Woo and intends to punish him. However, as the two are compelled to work together, an odd affinity develops between them.

Semantic Error Episode 2 Release Date
Semantic Error Episode 2 Release Date

Semantic Error Episode 2 release date and time

Semantic Error episode 2 release date is out now.

Semantic Error episode 2 release date is on Thursday 17th February 2022.

Unfortunately, Semantic Error episode 2 release date-time is not revealed.

Casts of Semantic Error

Chu Sangwoo

Chu is a genius who has consistently placed at the top of his department but does not participate in social groups and is a member of the College of Engineering’s Department of Computer Science. He has a rational, detail-oriented attitude and is capable of handling most circumstances. Chu has credited himself for everything in the beginning of a presentation. The backdrop features Bonobono, a naive and innocent children’s anime character, while the title employs brilliant rainbow hues. Chu is unconcerned about the reasons why his group was unable to attend the presentation on the scheduled day. Chu is preparing to begin the second semester of his junior year, now that school is out for the summer.

Jang Jaeyoung

Jang, a member of the College of Fine Arts’ Department of Design, is considered as a star due to his model-like proportions and attractive appearance. He is well-known for having a pleasant personality, yet he has a terrible temperament. Jang did not show up for any of the group project meetings and instead wrote the instructor, explaining that he had to go abroad for an art exhibition awards ceremony and hence could not attend class. Jang, a senior who was unable to graduate as a result of Chu’s conduct, met him and had kept his name as a swear word in his phone.

Han Sooyoung

Han informs Chu of an unexpected employment offer through text message. Han, who worked in the visual design department, invited a talented person from the same year to replace Chu at the meeting. Jang is Han’s recommendation for finishing the game art.

Semantic Error episode 2 Release Date and its overview

Name of the show Semantic Error
Season 1
Episode 2
Genre ‎Drama, Comedy, Romance
Semantic Error episode 2 release date February 17th, 2022
Semantic Error episode 2 release date time Not revealed till now

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About Semantic Error

Chu Sangwoo begins his talk at Hanguk University. He meets Jang Jaeyoung after receiving a message. Chu examined the reputations of notable graduates as the presentation on the suggested ideal personality attributes and social functions for a Hanguk university student was in progress. After speaking with a professor, Chu describes how the other members of the group did not participate at all. When Chu stated that attendance was not possible due to his great aunt’s death, one group member inquired how Chu could remove their name off the list. When a member did attend certain meetings, Chu ignored the other communications as well, and Jang stated his reasoning to the professor. Others at work talk about how Jaeyoung won’t be able to graduate, and Chu notices that he is nearby.

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