If you love to watch Japanese anime you definitely know about blue period, and waiting eagerly for the blue period episode 9 release date. Blue period is one of the most popular anime among Japanese and now it makes fans worldwide also. we know your excitement level to know about this anime like release date, spoiler and countdown. So in this article, we cover all your questions regarding this anime.

Blue Period Episode 9 Release Date

Blue Period Episode 9 Release Date, Spoiler , Countdown

Before going further we have to know a little bit about the blue period so that it will help you to more understand this anime.

The blue period is a Japanese anime television series. It was actually originally launched on 2 Oct 2021. It consists of 13 episodes starting from 20 October 2021 to 25 December 2021 and is released every Saturday at 12:00 am JST. This series is directed by Koji Masunari, Katsuya Yoshida and written by Reiko Yoshida, music by Ippei Inove, Seven Arcs is a studio and licensed by Netflix and the original network of this anime is JNN (MBS, TBS).

Characters played in this series are as follow :

Yatora Yaguchi ( leading role ), Ryuji Yuka Ayukawa (friend of Yatora Yaguchi) , Yotasuke Takashi ,Maki Kuwana, Maru Mori, Haruka Hashida ,Sumida, Koigakubo, Utashima, Shirai, Mayu Oba, Sae Okada , Yamamoto, Koigakubo, Umino, Sae Okada and Shirota.

This anime revolves around a fairly popular student whose name is Yatora Yaguchi. He is smart and excels in school but he often fights with their emptiness and frustration. One day he was fascinated by a painting which is painted by the art club in his school. Painting deeply inspired him so that he decided to learn painting after that incident he met a boy whose name was Ryuji Ayukaula later he become his friend and inspired him and joined the art club. After that Yatora Yaguchi tries to excel in painting.

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Blue Period Episode 9 Release Date

In this paragraph, we will share with you about the blue period episode 9 release date. As we already discussed above that this series starts from 20 October 2021 to 25 December 2021 and is released every Saturday. So episode 9 will be released on 27 November 2021 in Japan. Don’t worry if you are not living in Japan you can also enjoy this series on Netflix next Saturday that is on 4 December 2021.

Where To Watch

You can watch this interesting anime in Super Animeism block on MBS and TBS and also on Netflix Japan. And you can also watch this anime anywhere in the world on Netflix.

Here you can watchhttps://www.netflix.com/in/title/81318842


In this paragraph, we try to make it easier to remember the blue period episode 9 release date. We put here a countdown for you, and the countdown begin …. as we know the release date is 27 November 2021 which means 13 days left from now.


If you want to enjoy this anime we recommend you to watch this episode on its release date. We understand your excitement to know more about this series. But as we know there is no spoiler reveal by the officials till now. We will update as soon as officials reveal.

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In this article, we try to answer all your question such as when the Blue Period Episode 9 Release Date, where to watch, spoiler, countdown. We use authentic information as declared by officials so there is no chance to be false information. Still have any question arises in your mind just write it in the comment section below we love to answer your question, thank you.

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