In this article, we are going to share about the upcoming Korean romantic drama “now we are breaking up episode 3 release date”. Fans all over the world waiting for this Korean series. Nowadays Korean drama makes a huge fan base all over the world, their acting style feels like viewer itself in that character that’s why the demand for this series increases day by day for this we write this article to get you information regarding this drama.

Now We Are Breaking UpEpisode 3 Release Date

Now We Are Breaking Up Episode 3 Release Date, Plot, Cast, Where To Watch

Without any delay let’s know about this drama. This is a Korean romantic drama in which try to illustrate how the relationship works between young men and women. In this story a young boy whose name Yoon Jae gook is a freelance photographer and a young beauty whose name is Yeong-eun, she works in a fashion company called “The One “ as trendy team leader of the design department. The whole story revolves around these two characters how they break up and patch up to manage their relationship. The series tries to show the crux of a good relationship to the couples of this era.

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This story is directed by Lee Gil-bok. Written by Je In, Song Hye -Kyo, Jang Ki-Yong, Choi Hee-Seo and Kim Joo-hun are the staring of this show. This show is comprised of 13 episodes of which 2 episodes already aired on the media.

The main characters of the show are as follow :

Song Hye Kyo as Ha Yeong eun (leading character) 38-year-old, daughter of Kang Jung Ja and Ha Taek soo, a close friend of Hwang chi sook and design team leader of a fashion company called “The One” and she falls in love with Yoon Jae gook.
Jang ki young as Yoon Jae gook (leading character) 32-year-old, freelance fashion photographer.
Choi hee SEO as Hwang chi sook, 38-year-old and design director of the company and his daughter is a classmate of Ha Young eun and Jeon mi -sook.
Kim Joo hun as Seok do hoon, 40-year-old and representative of the PR company.
Park Hyo Joo as jeon mi sook, 38-year-old she gave up her career as a model to marry Kwak soo ho.
Yoon na moo as Kwak soo ho, 36 years he is deputy head of the planning team.

Supporting characters of the show are as follow :

Joo Jin-mo as representative Hwang.
Oh se hun as a hwang chi hyung.
Jang Hyuk jin as geo gwang soo.
Song yoo hyun as oh in ah.
Kim bo jeong as nam na ri.
Moon joo Yeon as Ahn Seon joo.
Ha Young as Jung so Young.

Now We Are Breaking Up Episode 3 Release Date

In this paragraph we will share information regarding now we are breaking up episode 3 release date, so be with us to know.

As per the official report now we are breaking up episode 3 release date set to release on 19 November 2021.

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Where to watch?

It is very difficult for non-Korean, where to watch this series. Don’t worry we will share this information on this article to make it easy for all.

This series is premier on SBS Tv on 19 November 2021.

you can watch here:


In this article we tried to share all the information regarding now we are breaking up the release date, plot, cast, where to watch etc. we always tried to cover all the aspects of the question asked by the viewer, still, some questions left please free to ask on comment section we love to answer your question and don’t forget to review, thank you.

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