If you want to know about Powerbook lll raising Kanan episode 10 release date then you are in the right place, in this article, you will get a lot of information regarding the release date and much more stuff such as platforms to watch and story behind this. This is my personal favorite story and series and I will let you know everything in detail and accurate detail.

So there has been a lot of false information regarding this article in the market because to get some views a lot of bloggers are posting fake Powerbook lll raising Kanan episode 10 release date, However, the officials have announced the date but still they can not do the hard work of searching and doing the research thing.

This is a well-researched article with full information regarding the topic so let’s not waste any more time and let’s get started with the topic.

Story Behind Raising Kanan

Raising Kanan Episode 10 Release Date
Raising Kanan Episode 10 Release Date

Before moving to our main point which is Powerbook lll raising Kana episode 10 release date, let’s know about the story behind this topic and also this series is based on the real-life story which is confirmed by actor himself and also we will tell you about him also and if you already know the story then you can skip this point or else keep reading.

Know more about raising Kanan

This series is the spin-off of the series ‘Power’ and this is based on the real-life story of 50 cents and in this series Kanan’s mother used to sell drugs to raise his son and also she is one woman who raised his son and that is why she used to sell drugs and Kanan was eagerly waiting to join the drug business and later her mother got murdered in front of his eyes and he seeks revenge.

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This series is based on the story of 1991 in jamaica and that is all about the story and this is based on the real-life story and this is why people eagerly waiting for Powerbook lll Raising Kanan episode 10 release date.

Raising Kanan Episode 10 Release Date

There will be no false information and I will tell you the exact release date so let’s not wait for it more and let’s get started.

If we talk about countdown then there are 11 days left for this episode to be aired and if you want the exact release date then it will be airing on 26 September 2021 and it will be airing worldwide wide which means it does not matter if you live in the USA, UK, or India you will be watching this series on same day and time.

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That was all about the release date and now let’s talk about the platforms where you can watch this series safely on your device.

Platforms To Watch Raising Kanan

There are many platforms available but many of them are fake which means they can infect your device with the virus and then even they can steal all the sensitive information available in your devices such as bank information and social media passwords. So the two most safe platforms are given below.

  • Amazon Prime Video

This is a most trusted platform to watch raising Kanan and also with the best video quality and this is not free, you have to pay for their one-month subscription.

  • Hulu

This is another best website to watch this series and other series and the best thing about this series is that you will get a one-month free subscription to watch any web series you want.


In this article, I have told you all about raising Kanan and also its release date, if you still have any kind of questions then feel free to comment below.

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