Cobra Kai releasing their season 4 episode 1 soon but nobody knows the Cobra kai season 4 episode 1 release date until now but on this page, you will get to know everything about cobra kai latest upcoming episodes and we will keep you up to date with cobra kai season 4 episode 1 release date.

This is true that nobody knows the official accurate cobra kai season 4 episode 1 release date because officials have announced just the month when it will be aired on the internet and we will tell you that month and date as well when you will be able to watch this series worldwide even if you live in USA, UK, or India. So let’s not waste any more time and let’s get started with our main topic.

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Cobra Kai Story

cobra kai season 4 episode 1 release date
cobra kai season 4 episode 1 release date

Cobra Kai has an impressive storyline that will not bore you in anywhere of the episodes and you are going to love it. The story and the cast are two main pillars that have made this series so popular and the fans can hardly wait to know cobra kai season 4 episode 1 release date. If you are a kid from the 90’s era then you already know about it otherwise you can read it from here.

If you loved the old movie named ‘The Karate Kid’ in your childhood then you are going to love this series also because this is another sequel to the karate kid movie. It was first aired on the internet in 2018 with 10 episodes in season 1 and it is still going on and you can say this still has the same popularity as it was at the time of its release date back in 2018.

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That is all about the story behind this web series and now you can easily understand why a lot of people love this series so much especially people from the 90’s era, we have our emotions attached to this series. Now let’s share the cobra kai season 4 episode 1 release date with you.

Cobra Kai Season 4 Episode 1 Release Date

As we can see a lot of cobra kai stars are working out in the gym and they are revealing that cobra kai season 4 episode 1 release date is so close but yet we do not know when. But not anymore, I will share the release date with you guys in the next few seconds so let’s just kill the suspense and start with it.

If we talk about countdown then there are 3 months and some days left to this web series’s next episode to be released on the internet and if you want to know the exact date then it will be in December and if you want to know the date it could be between 10 December to 17 December. So we have to wait it out on this topic.

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I will share some of the platforms where you can watch old and latest episodes of cobra kai so let’s get started.

Platforms To Watch Cobra Kai

I will share the two best platforms to watch cobra kai and both of them are given below.

  • Netflix

Netflix provides us access to the many popular series and movies and among all the popular series we can watch the cobra kai series as well from season 1 to season 4 in awesome video quality.

  • Amazon Prime Video

This is just an alternative to Netflix and same as Netflix you can watch cobra kai’s every season and episode on Amazon prime video and the video quality is also good and you can choose your own video quality.


In this article, I have shared every information regarding cobra kai season 4 episode 1 release date and also two of the best platforms to stream cobra kai with English subtitles.

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