Do you also love watching Kota factory and eagerly want to know about Kota Factory Season 3 Release Date, If the answer is yes, then you are in the right place. In this article, I will tell you Kota Factory Season 3 Release Date, and we will clear out some of the rumors that are running on social media about the Kota Factory Season 3 Release Date.

While researching about this series, I found out a lot of pages that are spreading fake information regarding the Kota Factory Season 3 Release Date. That is why it took me a few more hours to research it from the official websites. But hard work pays off, I am here with all the latest and authentic information regarding this series’ season 3 release date. I will tell you if it is happening or not, if yes, then how much more time we will have to wait.

That was all about the introduction part. Let’s not waste any more time, let’s get started with our main topic which is Kota Factory Season 3 Release Date.

Story Behind Kota Factory

Kota Factory Season 3 Release Date
Kota Factory Season 3 Release Date

All of you guys could already know that it is an Indian series. It has some really different stories than other normal series. It is not really about killing or brutality. Some people with peaceful minds love this series a lot. If you are waiting for its next season then you are also one of them. If you already know about the story then you can skip this point and jump to another or else you can keep reading it is up to you totally.

Know more about Kota factory

This web series is dedicated to SHrimati SL Loney Ji and Shri Irodov Ji. This is India’s first black and white web series. this web series shows the main problems are faced by today’s IIT-JEE aspirants in their daily lives.

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That was all about the story behind the Kota factory. Let’s talk about the main topic which you were waiting for for a long time. Let’s get straight to it.

Kota Factory Season 3 Release Date

There are a lot of rumors about the Kota Factory Season 3 Release Date. We will tell you the real truth behind this. So you can think out of it easily. First of all, let me tell you that the Kota factory season 3 will come on Netflix and youtube because story did not end in the last of season 2. So there are 100% chances that it will be out on the internet.

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The bad news is that the officials have not even said a word about its release date or release month. But still, we can make a guess by their performance, shooting, and editing. The prediction says it will be on the internet in the last of 2022 or starting of 2023. So we have to wait more than a year to watch this series next season.

Platforms To Watch Kota Factory

There are many platforms but some trusted ones are given below.

  • Youtube

This is the safest platform ever to exist. You can watch this series from season 1 to season 2 for free on youtube. We do not have to say about the quality because it is all in your hand.

  • Netflix

There will be ads on youtube but if you want to enjoy this series without any interruptions then you should use Netflix. This is not free but you can watch any series without any interruptions.


In this article, I have told you all about Kota factory season 3 and where you can watch this. The release year I have told you in this is predicted, The officials could launch next season anytime closer to the given time of period.


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