After the last season of BMF, the BMF Season 2: Release Date is much awaited. The fans are curiously waiting for the BMF Season 2 to hit their screens as soon as possible. And we have got some good news for you. Below, find out more details on BMF Season 2: Release Date, Episode 1, Plot, Cast, When to expect?

BMF Season 2: Release Date, Episode 1, Plot, Cast, When to expect?

BMF Season 2: Release Date, Episode 1, Plot, Cast, When to expect?

The wait is almost over, Starz recently announced that the second season of “Black Mafia Family” will premiere on January 6, 2022 at 9 p.m. EST. That means that fans will soon get to see more of BMF Season 2 taking them into the family’s latest war against Yves American, plus the Boca Raton Organization which they are also up against.

The Episode 1 of the BMF Season 2 will air on January 6, 2022 at 9 PM EST. Further, we will update you about the upcoming episodes and spoilers.

BMF Season 1 Recap!

When BMF Season 1, the real story of BMF Entertainment and the rise and fall of the drug empire of the two brothers at its helm, Meech and Terry Flenory, is available for streaming on VHX and iTunes August 25th.

This series is a real-life retelling of the rise and fall of one of America’s most infamous drug kingpins. BMF documents an empire built from nothing to a multi-million dollar company in only a few short years. The story is told by those who witnessed it firsthand: drug dealers, family members, hit men, and detectives.

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Unfortunately, this season1 has come to an end. Let’s go over the major events of the past 12 weeks with the help of our special guest narrator Meech. Meech discovered that Kato, his girlfriend, was cheating on him with B-Mickie.

BMF Season 2: Release Date, Plot and What to Expect?

BMF Season 2 is all about two friends, twins, who had vastly different choices in the drug game. One wanted out and created a legit empire while the other wanted to stay in and grow his empire. Season 1 ended with Terry being shot during a robbery attempt at the family shop and losing an eye in the process.

After getting out of the hospital Terry was left with no money for restitution or discovery he lost his love Trish because of his line of work. He also wanted out! Season 2 will follow how Terry copes with his new reality.

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Meech is building another alliance with those close to Rick. He’s waiting for Rick and Richie’s wife to murder Big L and liberate the dope house to gain the product and muscle the dope movement.

It’s the second season of the hit show B.M.F. Young, rich, and popular drug kingpin Meechum (portrayed by Rotimi) is growing his empire with new alliances stretching across the country, but he still feels like he is missing something that would cement him as one of Detroit’s premier dealers. B.M.F. Season Two will feature the first time Rick Wershe Jr., who grew up on Edmonds St., will be portrayed on screen by Eminem in a special guest appearance.

BMF Season 2: Release Date & Cast

The BMF Season 2 cast is very much identical to the last season. It will have all the actor and actress which were there in the Season 1 of the show. Have a look at the cast:

  • Russell Hornsby (Charles Flenory)
  • Michole Briana White (Lucille Flenory)
  • Eric Kofi-Abrefa (Lamar Fields)
  • Ajiona Alexus (Kato)
  • Myles Truitt (B-Mickie)
  • Steve Harris (Detective Bryant)

So, this was all about BMF Season 2: Release Date, Episode 1, Plot, Cast, When to expect? Hopefully, you will like our approach.

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