The production team behind the Fallout 4 shows that they are still going on with the update of the game. They are currently working on new sites while checking the old ones and the Level Design team is showing strong support for more details as mechanics and so on, everything for the fan’s delight. They have already shown some previews of how their work will turn to be. The asset creation team is working on creating new supplies for environmental properties by adding shocking content like Deadpool2099’s incredible Caravan Shotgun with damage higher than 30%.


Fallout 4 is the type of action-game set in the post-apocalyptic world that covers parts of Nevada, California, and Arizona. Having an alternative timeline, the Great War refers to the atomic age technology that led to destruction by a nuclear apocalypse in 2077. It was caused by an international war between the superpowers, the United States and China over natural resources.

New Vegas is set in the year 2281 and the main protagonist is a character named the Courier. This one has to bring the package through the Mojave Desert to New Vegas but ends up with a shot and the package is lost. He survives the shot and starts a journey to discover who wanted to kill him and more importantantly, to take his package back.

Future prospect

The team made us curious since they said that they would provide other statements in the following weeks. They have released a few screenshots proving that the work is still in progress and that they are currently working on changing the configuration. Since fans of Fallout showed their support and positive reviews on this project, they hope the game will be released in the earlier days of the upcoming year.

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