The British Ministry of Defense has announced that the military counter-terrorism deployment in relation to the Manchester Arena attack ends. The military helped police cope with the increased level of terror attack threat after the bombing at Ariana Grande concert on May 22.

Chief of the Defense Staff Stuart Peach said that nearly 1,000 military personnel was deployed to assist in the Manchester probe. The week-end deployment ends after the official threat level was lowered from “critical” to “severe” meaning that an attack is not imminent but highly likely. Peach confirmed that the military will “remain at readiness to deploy” if needed.

Currently the police is questioning ten men about their possible role in the bombing. Six people, among whom was a women, were released without being charged. Police believes that Salman Abedi, the suicide bomber, acted largely on his own when preparing the attack and assembling the bomb.

Ariana Grande has announced her plans to come to Manchester and hold a benefit concert on Sunday evening.

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