On Saturday, Russian president Vladimir Putin addressed the youth at the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students, which is held in Russia from October 14th to 22nd.

In any issue that one engages in, one should never “forget the moral and ethical pillars,” the Russian president said in his speech in the Russian city of Sochi, reports RT.

Vladimir Putin argued that in the near future genetic programming will open the door to advances in pharmacology and also to modify the genetic code of humans. And this can be “more fearsome than a nuclear bomb.”

“You can practically imagine how a human being can create a human being with specific characteristics,” reflected the president of Russia. “He can be a great mathematician, he can be a great musician, but he can also be a military man, a person who can fight without fear, without compassion or commiseration, without pain, ” he continued.

“And this, what I said now, can be more fearsome than a nuclear bomb,” Putin said. He also stressed that everything we do “should strengthen the person, not destroy it.”

This year the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students is celebrated in Russia, which hosts the event from 14 to 22 October.

The opening of the festival took place in Moscow, while the main activities take place in Sochi from the 15th.

In recent years and with the rapid advance of human genetic engineering there have been growing fears about the possible military applications of this technology and the implications it would have for the world.

In 2014, the United States created the Office of Biological Technologies (BTO) in the Advanced Defense Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which is responsible for developing new technologies for the United States. since 1958, being one of its most important inventions computer networks (Internet and its predecessor ARPANET).

It is believed that the BTO is an office specialized in the development of projects that allow the military use of genetic engineering, something that China would be doing at the same time , facts that have caused great concern worldwide.

  1. Why have none of the former US Presidents made sure that North Korea could not amass such an arsenal of nuclear weapons – what was Hilary Clinton doing in office, and Obama, Bush and Clinton?

    How could any roque state have built up nuclear weapons sufficient to threaten the entire world, under their noses?

  2. This is a ‘nothing burger’.
    Just some speculation about the distant future. But I like Putin. He “gets” what is happening in Western Europe – what Douglas Murray called in his recent book “The Strange Death of Europe”.
    He recently gave the example of the rapefugee in Germany who r.ap.ed a young boy, and was released without charge because he said ‘he didn’t realise the young boy didn’t like such a thing done to him”.
    He commented;
    “A society which cannot protect its children today, has no tomorrow. It has no future”.

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