Hey there, music fans! Waiting for “The voice season 24 episode 5 Release Date”? The Voice Season 24 Episode 5 is all set to air on NBC on Monday, October 9, 2023, at 8 pm ET/PT. That’s when you can catch the excitement!

What is “The Voice”?

The Voice” is a popular TV singing competition where people who want to be singers perform. There are celebrity judges, but they can’t see the singers; they only listen to their voices. If a judge likes a singer, they turn their chair around. The singers then join a judge’s team. The singers on a judge’s team compete against each other in battles, and the judge picks one to move on. Later, they have knockout rounds where the judges pick one more singer from their team. In the end, the remaining singers perform live, and the audience and judges vote to decide the winner. The winner gets a chance to start their music career.

What Happened in Episode 4?

The voice season 24 episode 5 Release Date

Well, now you know “The Voice Season 24 Episode 5 Release Date”. Let’s talk about what happened in Episode 4. In episode 4 the coaches had some awesome moments and tough decisions. Gwen even brought Blake’s spirit into the scene to help her recruit some fantastic artists. Reba and Gwen competed for talented Southern artists, while John and Niall fought over a lovely folk singer. And a 17-year-old newcomer wowed everyone!

Meet the Singers

  • Laura Williams: She’s a 20-year-old newcomer from Quakertown, Pennsylvania. Laura sang ‘Fingers Crossed’ by Lauren Spencer-Smith and impressed all four coaches with her powerful voice. Tune in to get more of it on the voice season 24 episode 5 Release Date.
  • Ms Monet: This experienced singer from Pittsburg, California, brought energy with her performance of ‘Higher Love’ by Steve Winwood. Gwen and Reba were drawn to her unique style.
  • Jason Arcilla: Jason from Pukalani, Hawaii, amazed Gwen with his voice, and she even thought he was a woman at first! He sang ‘Dreams’ by Fleetwood Mac.
  • Giuliana Amaral: This 21-year-old rock singer from New Bedford, Massachusetts, sang ‘Rainbow in the Dark’ by Dio, impressing Reba and Gwen, but not enough for the coaches to turn their chairs.
  • Kaylee Smimizu: A 17-year-old balladeer from Ewa Beach, Hawaii, showcased her amazing range and soul. All four coaches turned their chairs for her, and she joined Team John. Make sure to check out The Voice Season 24 Episode 5 Release Date day for further content.
  • BIAS: This 23-year-old from Chattanooga, Tennessee, caught Gwen’s attention by singing ‘God’s Country’ by Blake Shelton. Gwen even briefly took Blake’s last name to win him over.
  • David Simmons Jr: He’s a 40-year-old solo artist from Kansas City, Missouri, who touched hearts with his story while singing ‘Tainted Love’ by Soft Cell. However, his vocals didn’t quite make the cut.
  • Rachel Nguyen: A 17-year-old first-generation Vietnamese American from Cypress, California, impressed Reba with her change in approach while singing ‘Bleeding Love’ by Leona Lewis.
  • LVNDR: This 27-year-old Michigan native put a unique spin on ‘Hotline Bling’ with an ethereal tone. Both Niall and John wanted her on their teams, but she chose Niall.
  • Walking Eagle: A 27-year-old mellow vocalist from Fairfax, Virginia, sang ‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World’ by Tears for Fears, captivating the coaches but needing a bit more polish.
  • Jacquie Roar: She’s a wedding DJ, and her rock-country rendition of ‘Here for the Party’ by Gretchen Wilson got all four coaches’ attention. Gwen’s dance moves helped her win Jacquie over.

Conclusion | The Voice Season 24 Episode 5 Release Date

So, there you have it, folks! While we don’t have any spoilers for episode 5, Episode 4 was full of excitement. The coaches had some tough choices to make, but they’re building strong teams for the competition. Don’t forget to tune in to The Voice Season 24 episode 5 Release Date i.e. October 9th at 8 pm ET/PT to see more amazing singers and watch the competition heat up!

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