Around 100 million players worldwide are currently playing Call of Duty: Warzone. But no matter how well a game is, you might still run into bugs when playing, and lag is one of the most annoying ones.

You don’t want the screen to stutter when you’re about to strike a major win because a sluggish connection can significantly ruin your game. Warzone latency can be caused by numerous things.

Why Warzone Keeps Lagging

What is the Warzone Lag Issue?

Call of Duty: Warzone is a free-to-play first-person shooter game that features a Battle Royale mode. However, you could run into the bothersome Warzone lag issue while playing Call of Duty Warzone. The delay between your input from your keyboard or mouse and the output from your monitor is referred to as warzone lag. When you aim to shoot someone in Warzone, but the screen displays your prized shot bouncing in the air, you may imagine this Warzone lag scenario.

Why is Warzone Lagging? Main Causes

The hardware setup and the network connection are generally considered to be the two main causes of Warzone’s slowness on home computers. The game data transmission procedure can be compared to a marathon round journey. The physical condition of the athlete is represented by the hardware setup, while the course’s road conditions are represented by the network connection.

You will need more time to complete the circuit if your endurance is poor. The time taken will increase if there are many barriers or other drivers on the route. The delay will then be apparent. Additionally, there may be issues with the game itself that contribute to Warzone slowness.

Throttling by ISP

Your ISP may throttle your connection if you play a lot of Warzone since you are using too much data. When this occurs, your ISP may severely limit your connection speed, and it frequently occurs to users that download files or play online games that consume a lot of bandwidth.

Using a VPN is the greatest way to get around ISP throttling. ISPs, hackers, and other internet snoops cannot access your online activity when you use a VPN. You won’t ever need to be concerned about throttling again, thanks to a VPN protecting your anonymity.

Bad internet connection

A sluggish Warzone session is most often the result of a slow internet connection. Use an internet speed test to verify your connection if you believe your internet speeds are lower than those promised by your ISP. Make a complaint to your ISP if it falls short of your expectations.

Overloaded server

There may be thousands of Warzone players online at any given moment. This may cause server overload. Your game can lag if you’re on a server that’s very busy. By providing you with a network of servers located all over the world, VPNs allow you to switch to a less crowded server and select a location that is as near as possible to the game servers, which will reduce your ping rate.

Low-space hardware

You must meet the game’s system requirements in order to play Warzone to its fullest potential on a PC. Your game will lag if your PC lacks the necessary specifications so don’t forget to get the Warzone update.

How To Fix

  1. When you have some system RAM free, try playing Warzone
  2. Lower the graphics settings in Warzone.
  3. Update your graphic driver
  4. Choose the Ultimate Performance package
  5. Make room on the hard drive
  6. Turn off the Windows Game Mode
  7. Prioritize Call of Duty: Warzone more
  8. Turn off core isolation
  9. Recent Windows 11/10 updates should be removed

How Can a VPN Help You Fix Warzone Lag?

Tens of thousands of players compete online every day in Warzone, which is a huge hit with gamers. Thousands of gamers increase the enjoyment, but they can also overload servers and generate congestion, which eventually results in the dreaded latency.

The right VPN for Warzone is a fantastic method to get rid of it. You have access to a global network of gamer-friendly servers, which allows you to change to a quicker, less popular server, lower your ping, and eliminate lag. ISPs may also contribute to slowness. Your ISP may opt to limit your internet connection if you play a lot of video games since you are consuming too much data. Although it may sound harsh, this is a typical problem. Utilize a VPN to circumvent this and keep your online activity hidden from your ISP. They won’t know how much bandwidth you’re utilizing at that point!

Additionally, you will benefit from protection from DDoS attacks because changing VPN servers will offer you a fresh IP address.


If you’re having fun playing Warzone when you suddenly experience lag, your server may be broken. Maybe there has been a sudden influx of new users or messages being sent. In either case, the crowding can create a slowdown and quickly spoil your game.

You won’t ever need to be stranded on a problematic server again if you get a VPN. You should have access to thousands of servers worldwide if you’re using an elite-level VPN. Therefore, you may immediately switch to a new server and play a lot smoother game the moment your current one starts lagging.

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