Overgeared Chapter 152 Release Date has been officially announced and due to this, all its fans are going crazy for this upcoming chapter. Recently many fans are searching about it all over the internet. So we are here to provide all the information about this series and if you are also in the search of the same thing then don’t worry you have found the correct place.

In this artic article, we will share all the information regarding the Overgeared Chapter 152 Release Date. Here we will try to share all the other details like Where to read it online, List of characters and many other details. If you want to know all the answers of these queries then just follow this article till the end.

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Overgeared Chapter 152 Release Date: All You Need To Know

Overgeared Chapter 152 Release Date

It is a manga series and it is adapted from a Korean novel of the same name the name of its author is Park Saenal. This manga series has managed to get a lot of popularity in different countries in very short intervals of time. Now all the fans are looking for its upcoming chapter.

The story of this series will follow Shin Youngwoo was an unlucky loser in life. He entered into an obligation to buy the gaming tablet needed to play the game Satisfy. He encountered a hard life and was pushed into manual labour jobs to pay off the tremendous obligation, but he still recreated the play despite not being good at it.

Overgeared Chapter 152 Release Date

Now in this paragraph, we are going to share Overgeared Chapter 152 Release Date. Till now the release date of this chapter is not been officially confirmed and according to some sources, this chapter is going to release soon just in a week. If there will be any official announcement regarding its release date then we will share all the updates here on this page as soon as possible.

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List Of Characters

After providing the possible details about this upcoming chapter. Here we are going to reveal the list of characters of this series.

  • Grid
  • Mercedes
  • Irene
  • Basara
  • Yura
  • Marie Rose
  • Lord Steim
  • Kraugel
  • Abellio
  • Abra
  • Adon
  • Advent of Silence
  • Agnus
  • Aileen
  • Alanta
  • Albatino
  • Albatino
  • Cassus
  • Chris
  • Coke
  • Damian
  • Dae Dokman

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Where To read Overgeared?

If you are interested in reading this series then we are here to help. You can read this series on the official website of Overgeared. It is also available on many manga  websites. You can access all the released episodes at anytime but we will recommend you all to read this series on the official platform.

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Finally here we are concluding this article and we have shared all the possible details regarding Overgeared Chapter 152 Release Date. All the information we share here on this page is from official sources and we never share any false data. Above you can find answers to the queries like When chapter 152 is going to release, Where you can read it online and many other details related to Overgeared Chapter 152 Release Date. If still, you have any other queries then you can ask your doubts below in the comments section.

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