The search for the subsequent Pokemon Journeys Episode 122 Release Date is increasing, and the previous episode of this show was liked by its fans. Now, they all are wondering when they will get to watch the next episode in the ongoing season of this series. That’s why we have decided to bring this guide to you.

In this article, you will learn about the upcoming Pokemon Journeys Episode 122 Release Date in various regions, the total episode count for the show, its main characters, the plot for its next episode, and where to watch online, as well as other details related to it. Let’s have a look at its release date without any delay.

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Pokemon Journeys Episode 122 Release Date
Pokemon Journeys Episode 122 Release Date

Pokemon Journeys Episode 122 Release Date

The upcoming Pokemon Journeys Episode 122 Release Date is set for August 26, 2022. You will not get to watch any episode on August 19, 2022. Actually, the new episodes of this anime are released every Friday. But, this week, the show has taken a short break, and you will get the upcoming episode in the next week. So, keep visiting our site regularly to get the latest updates about this show.

Main Characters of Pokemon Journeys

The following are the main protagonists of this anime. There are a lot of other characters as well.

  • Ash Ketchum
  • Goh
  • Pikachu (Partner of Ash)
  • Cinderace (Partner of Goh)

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How many episodes will be there in Pokemon Journeys?

After discussing Pokemon Journeys Episode 122 Release Date, it is time to know the total episode count for this anime. The first season of this show, Pokemon Journeys: The Series, had until episode 48. Its second season, Pokemon Master Journeys: The Series, continued from episode 49 and ended on episode 90. Its third and ongoing season, Pokemon Ultimate Journeys: The Series, has begun from episode 91 and is still going. We do not know how many episodes will be there in this season.

Where to Watch Pokemon Journeys?

The original television network for this series in Japan is TV Tokyo. It is also available to watch online on Netflix, the official site of Pokemon, and other platforms. The availability of this show on these streaming services will vary from place to place. Kindly check out whether this show is available in your region or not on your own.

List of latest Pokemon Journeys Episodes

The following are the latest episodes of this show. We will add more episodes to the list soon.

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  1. The Battle Royale of Betrayal!
  2. Mohn and Lilie, Snowfield Reunion
  3. A Triumphant Return! The Alola Champion!!
  4. The Last Mission! Catch Regieleki and Regidorago!!
  5. Training Battle of Flames! Satoshi VS Shinji!!
  6. Opening! Masters Tournament!!
  7. Champions’ Pride! Wataru VS Carne!!
  8. VS Shirona! Iris’s Road to Dragon Master!!
  9. Satoshi Goes into Battle! VS Daigo!!
  10. Koharu and Eievui – The Miracle of Evolution
  11. Koharu and Eievui, the Possibilities are Endless!
  12. The Climax Begins! Satoshi’s Masters Tournament Experience!!
  13. The Semifinals I: “Overwhelming Victory”
  14. The Semifinals II: “Dazzle”
  15. The Semifinals III: “Valor”

The names of the upcoming episodes will be revealed officially soon.

The Last Word

We are wrapping up this article with the expectation that you have got all details related to the following Pokemon Journeys Episode 122 Release Date, its spoilers, the platforms on which you can stream this show, and how many episodes will be there in the current season, and much more. So, wait for the next week to enjoy the upcoming episodes of this show. If you have any questions related to this show in your mind, then you can ask us in the comment section. We will get back to help you in the best possible way.

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