Many people who use to invest in stocks are currently very eager to know about Rainbow Childrens Medicare IPO. Investors from all over the country are curious to know about its share price and for this, they are searching about it all over the internet but still many of you are unable to find the exact information. If you are also looking at the same thing then you have reached the correct place.

Here in this article, you will find all the information related to Rainbow Childrens Medicare IPO. So just read this article till the end and all your queries related to this topic will be solved.

Rainbow Childrens Medicare IPO: All You Need To Know

Rainbow Childrens Medicare IPO

It is an Indian chain of paediatric hospitals headquartered in Hyderabad, India. This medicare chain has been Founded by Dr. Ramesh Kancharla in 1999. Rainbow Hospitals’ flagship facility at Banjara Hills comprises four intensive care units for maternity, paediatric and neonatal care as well as an outpatient clinic. Currently, their goodwill ambassador is Mahesh Babu, a famous Telugu actor. The Rainbow Hospital Group currently operates out of twelve locations – six in Hyderabad, two in Vijayawada, two in Bengaluru, and one unit each in Delhi and Chennai. The Group is in process of setting up another hospital in Vizag too.

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Rainbow Childrens Medicare IPO

Rainbow Childrens Medicare IPO date, The subscription for public allocation will start on 27 April 2022 and for the bidders, it will be open till 29 April 2022.

According to the official information date for the share allocation announcement is 5th May 2022. So if you are interested in this IPO then just mark the date. The likely date for Rainbow Children’s Medicare share listing is 10th May 2022.

According to some financial experts GMP today is ₹15, which is ₹35 from its yesterday’s grey market premium of ₹50. Each share price of Rainbow medicare will be around Rs 542 to 557. the IPO is anticipated to generate Rs 1,581 crore.

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Rainbow Childrens Medicare IPO: Review

According to some financial experts, this company’s IPO will be profitable for the investors but as we all know that it is hard to say anything because what will happen in the next moment no one knows. Yet, It would be willing to watch if the company can maintain performance going ahead. This medicare chain has currently 1500 bed facility and now and it is profitable for the past few years so let’s see how is going to attract investors.

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In this article, we almost concluded all the possible details related to the Rainbow Childrens Medicare IPO . All the information which we share here on this page is from official sources. Above in the article, you can find answers to the queries like, When this IPO is going to launch, What is the key dates, Some details about the company. We hope that all your queries are solved now but if you have still any queries then you can ask us below in the comments section.

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